DEI Series 2: Building a Solid Cultural and Financial Foundation (Webinar)

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Thursday, September 16th 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Attend - $20.00/attendee
DEI Series 2: Building a Solid Cultural and Financial Foundation (Webinar)

This is the second session of a four-part program that guides small businesses on fostering the necessary behavioral and systemic understanding to drive strategic change in the workplace.

This foundational training will review a DEI framework and traits of the Next Generation Organization (NGO) to drive impact, attract staff, yield financial benefits, and lead to transformation.
Over the following three workshops, DCS will demonstrate nine key traits of a Next Generation Organization (NGO) that equip participants with management skills to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. NGOs are spearheaded by CEOs, managers, and human resource practitioners that are change-makers who encourage differences to breed innovation and result-oriented success. With a solid foundational knowledge of DEI basics, this session provides a DEI framework that incorporates nine critical traits that are profitable throughout the company. It ties DEI to performance, the sustainability and financial viability of the company, and company transformation; while creating social and community impact. The DCS team will continue reviews of the pre-workshop survey to assist with phase two of the DEI assessment.

*Participants that complete all four sessions will receive a certificate of completion. 
Diversity management practitioners and human resource leaders will provide a blueprint to strategies in the workplace that include NGO best practices to:
  • Build a solid foundation to drive impact, manage the bottom line, attract quality staff, and the next generation
  • Demonstrate finance and business savviness using DEI strategies to help manage profitability
  • Strengthen the business with a competitive advantage in labor markets
  • Design programs to encourage continuous learning that leads to company transformation
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Speaker: Dr. Danielle Davis, President/CEO, Davis Consulting Solutions

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