JC Paving

John Cook started working in the paving and asphalt industry early in his life. He started as a laborer and he progressed his career by working a variety of jobs for different paving companies in the area. By doing so, he not only developed expertise in the industry, he also honed in on his leadership skills. After working some management positions and finally a sales position that taught him how to run a paving business, John said he felt it was time to, "take a leap of faith and go out on my own," by starting his own business.

His main challenge was preparing a business plan to help him secure a loan to start his business. He started consulting with the SBDC Business Consultant Christine Hughes, who helped him begin the process. Christine explained how to prepare the business plan and the key components of it. Over some late nights, John prepared his first drafts of the plan and leveraged his experience and knowledge of the local paving market to create financial projections for his future business. 

Part way through John's work on obtaining a loan, he started consulting with SBDC Business Consultant Paul Bucciarelli. Paul helped John finish his business plan and finalize his cash flow projections. John submitted his documents to a bank and received a business loan in 2018. His business flourished quickly and he and his crew worked hard to have a successful first year. JOhn has been able to find consistent work for his business and he profited during his first year!

Over several months, John worked with the SBDC on preparing a business plan to secure a loan for his new paving business. He has been successful in starting a profitable business in his community, and now one of his primary concerns in finding good employess to help sustain his business.