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The Duquesne University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers no-cost, confidential consulting services and training workshops for small businesses and those who are thinking of starting a business in southwestern Pennsylvania.
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Our primary offices are located at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.


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So you have built a strong business.  What’s next? Are you considering selling or exiting? How can the SBDC help you? Start your planning today by attending the “Exit Planning For Your Business”  workshop at Duquesne University.  At this workshop, you will learn the best strategies for increasing the value of your business, saving on taxes and creative options for selling as well as negotiation skills. 


Did you know?

In a survey done by M&A Today, 65% of business owners don’t know the value of their company and 85% don’t have an exit plan.[1]


According to a Price Waterhouse Coopers study, failing to do pre-sale planning is the number one reason why business deals fail. [2]




Exit Planning for your Business

October 5, 2018



Workshop will include:

  • An overview of the buying and selling atmosphere in Pittsburgh and Western PA
  • What is transitional planning?
  • Goal setting for your plan
  • Preparing for tomorrow's sale - revenue reporting, changes in balance sheet, tax strategies, management issues
  • Communicating with your employees and vendors about the possible transition
  • Different ways to preserve the value of your business
  • A review of the pros and cons of different ways to sell a business - ESOP, owner financing, succession, acquisition, and leveraged buy-out
  • An understanding of how much information you should give a potential buyer and in what format
  • Learning the role a broker plays and how to determine if you need one
  • How to make or break the transition deal
  • A look at methods for valuing a business and which one is right for you
  • A review of a sample appraisal
  • Tips for paying less taxes and getting a better price for your business
  • How to find a business appraiser and important questions to ask them
  • Strategies for increasing the value of your business
  • A look at legal contracts - what to expect, what's negotiable and a list of different legal terms
  • Key elements to effectively present your deal
  • Tax Review

Price: $599


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