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95% of the world's consumers are outside of the United States market. The Duquesne University SBDC helps existing business expand internationally and import foreign products.

Success Story

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Process at Perumin Show

Conco Services Sales Manager, EJ Saxon
EJ Saxon
Conco Services. Since 1923, Conco has been the leader in delivering technology-based cleaning and testing services for condensers, heat exchangers, air heaters and many components found in power plants, refineries and industrial production facilities worldwide. The services for condensers and heat exchangers includes patented tube cleaning, nondestructive testing and leak detection services. Conco has cleaned and tested over 100 million heat exchanger tubes worldwide and over 5 million tubes last year alone.

When two engineers from Westinghouse created the company, they created the best method to clean heat exchangers. George Saxon Sr. acquired the company in the 1970s and developed the company globally. With subsidiaries in Australia, Belgium and Germany, the company offers mechanical cleaning which is fast, environmentally friendly and very effective, thus reducing the shut down time of a company. Edward Saxon Jr. is the grandson of George Saxon Sr. who is now consolidating the company’s blueprint around the world.

EJ and his team approached the Duquesne University SBDC, Global Business Program with a desire to explore Latin American markets and focus on Chile and Peru. The assistance provided was to do market analysis, training and an invitation to attend and exhibit the Perumin mining show in Peru. Client prepared information, which Duquesne translated into Spanish, and made a booth for the company. Later, they traveled together and exhibited at the show. Free interpretation was offered by the Duquesne SBDC personnel.

Due to exhibiting with the Duquesne University SBDC program at the Perumin mining show in Peru, the client got many interested parties willing to meet and talk business. As a result, Conco is now following up and quoting purchase order information. The company is optimistic to break the market and they anticipate to sell around $50,000 USD. The company hired a person who speaks Spanish, so language won’t be an issue to communicate with their new market potential.