Success Story
A Company that is "All About Massage and Wellness"

Client: Trish Korb

Company Name: All About Massage and Wellness

Address: 1112 S. Braddock Ave | Suite 301D |  Pittsburgh, PA  1521


Industry: massage therapy and wellness

Year Founded: 2009

SBDC Assistance: Consulting services in areas of marketing, business development, & research




"Working with the SBDC and our consultant was instrumental in beginning to conceptualize our business and build its foundation. Our consultant continues to work with us and provides valuable resources at each phase of growth in our business."

-Trish Korb




Scott and Trish Korb started a private massage therapy practice of Scott Korb in 1991. Over the course of Scott’s career, he has become a well-respected authority in the field of Orthopedic and Pain Management, Medical, Myofascial and Sports Massage. His passion for healing injuries and pain extends to all age groups and ranges from amateur and professional athletes to the elderly who are seeking to sustain mobility and quality of life.


Both Scott and Trish wanted to expand the practice and add a wellness component to be able not only to heal those in pain, but also promote and exercise the value of preventive care.  In 2009 Scott and Trish began transforming All About Massage and Wellness from a sole practitioner practice to becoming a health and wellness company.

In the fall of 2011, Trish and her assistant Marcy met with their Duquesne SBDC consultant seeking assistance in bringing their company to a new level.


Assistance Provided

As Trish has described it: “The support that All About Massage and Wellness has received from the SBDC has proved to be a tremendous asset to our company.”  Their SBDC consultant has assisted with a strategic marketing plan. She has also reviewed marketing materials, and provided valuable input during website development, and logo design. Svetlana promptly provides information requested, i.e. branding strategies and networking resources.  Furthermore, she regularly forwards important information that pertains to current tasks.  This information enables All About Massage and Wellness to move projects forward with careful planning and successful outcomes. 


The introduction of Corporate Wellness Programs has become a dream-come-true for Trish. These programs have allowed the company to enter a new market sector, offering services to businesses as well as individuals.  With the help of the SBDC, Trish and Scott Korb have successfully created and implemented a corporate wellness PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation is utilized to introduce employers to the many benefits corporate massage can provide for their employees.  The very first presentation was a success: All About Massage and Wellness received its first corporate wellness client. The client was impressed with the thoroughness of the presentation and implemented the program. Nine months later, All About Massage and Wellness continues to service this company and has added several other corporate clients. Trish Korb has “found the support of our consultant and the SBDC an invaluable tool in the future success of the company.”   



Last year All About Massage and Wellness launched a website, content of which has been carefully updated since then. The company has also introduced new products for their spa and wellness clients.

Though the company continues their proven direct sales practices, the new website has allowed capturing a broader market as now the products are available for sale online. All About Massage and Wellness is proud to have recognized national sales for both services and products since they have launched their new websites.


All About Massage and Wellness has shown steady growth since it branched out in 2009.  The company has grown from a sole-practitioner practice into a multi-therapist establishment with five therapists working at the company’s three locations. In addition to in-office massage services, All About Massage and Wellness has created a unique Corporate Massage Program and currently services multiple contracts for employers around the Pittsburgh area. Finally, the addition of fun products and gift giving ideas creates a well-rounded health and wellness company. All About Massage and Wellness continues to work with their SBDC consultant and finds her continued support invaluable to the continued growth of the company.

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