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Cycle Forward

June 7, 2024
John Higgins

Business Longevity and Growing


Amy Camp is a passionate placemaker and trail tourism expert. She is the founder of Cycle Forward, a consulting agency that supports trail communities across the United States and Canada. Amy became a client of the Duquesne University SBDC over 10 years ago and has recently reengaged with the center in order to receive consulting and help her grow the business. While Amy independently managed Cycle Forward in its first 10 years, with the Duquesne University SBDC’s help, she recently hired a project manager who brings to Cycle Forward a strong marketing background, a passion for the outdoors, and some much-needed additional organizational capacity.


With 17 years’ experience, Amy focuses on helping communities and individuals thrive by leveraging regional assets, incorporating nature experiences, and cultivating a trail culture. Her services include trail tourism and placemaking consulting, outdoor recreation economy research, destination marketing, community engagement, workshop and meeting facilitation, and nature experiences.


Amy has worked with local, regional, and national nonprofits and agencies to provide customized recreation tourism and trail town solutions based on each client’s needs and constraints. Her book, Deciding on Trails: 7 Practices of Healthy Trail Towns, outlines how communities can better connect to and benefit from trails. Amy’s well-rounded placemaking knowledge and community revitalization experiences have enabled her to work seamlessly with a diverse group of clients in the conservation, outdoor recreation, and tourism sectors. In addition to her wealth of experience, Amy earned her Professional Coach certification through Duquesne University and draws upon her coaching skills in working with her consulting clients.  


To view the video success story of Cycle Forward here.