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Become a Business Owner

Think like an entrepreneur. The Duquesne University SBDC consultants have the experience to help you become a business owner.

The Duquesne University Small Business Development Center can walk you through the myriad steps of starting a business, which includes business taxes, business plan preparation, business registration, and business formation. Our comprehensive research tools can help you make data-backed decisions about how to handle each step.

You can attend one of our First Step workshops which cover topics such as the major components of the business plan, financial statements and projections, financing options, market analysis, taxation requirements, and insurance. You can attend  First Step workshops in Pittsburgh, Beaver, Butler, or Lawrence County before you start working with our consultants.

Entrepreneurs with sufficient business backgrounds or who have taken our First Step workshops already can apply for free consulting and start working with our business advisors in two weeks!


Corporate entities such as LLCs, S Corps, etc. require filing with the State Corporation Bureau and involve numerous documents and processes.

Have you spent any money to get the business started? Any money you have spent to establish the business prior to providing any services or serving any customers are considered startup costs and must be factored into cash flow projections.

It’s a document that establishes a plan for where your business will start and how it will grow over several years.

Cash flow projections determine the cash position of the business at any given time. In essence, the cash coming in as revenue each month and the related expenses each month. The ratio between these factors (revenue and expenses) determines the cash position of the business.

Yes, a business plan is critical for starting a business. It is especially useful for knowing the position of your business at any given time. If you plan to obtain a loan, a business plan and cash flow projections are a must.