FIT4MOM North Hills Success Story


Strength in Motherhood: FIT4MOM North Hills

In the heart of Pittsburgh's North Hills, the lives of local moms are being transformed through fitness and camaraderie. FIT4MOM North Hills, the leading pre and postnatal fitness provider in the area, is growing and reaching more moms every day under the visionary leadership of Erica Strnad, the franchise's new owner. In just six months, Erica's passion, dedication, and strategic approach have propelled FIT4MOM North Hills to exciting new heights, and the Duquesne Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is proud to have played a small role in her success.

Erica's journey with FIT4MOM North Hills began as a participant, driven by her love for fitness and her interest in getting out of the house to socialize with her then 7-month old first child. Now a mom of two kids under the age of 5, Erica’s personal connection to the FIT4MOM mission gives her a unique perspective on what it means to be a mother seeking strength, both physically and emotionally.

In March 2023 Erica purchased the FIT4MOM North Hills franchise, and her transition from participant to owner was not without challenges. She recognized the need for guidance and support to navigate the complexities of running a business, so she turned to the Duquesne SBDC for support. With the SBDC's guidance, Erica refined her business strategy, honed her leadership skills, and developed a roadmap for success.

Under Erica’s leadership, FIT4MOM North Hills has experienced exciting growth, with membership numbers increasing fourfold in just a few short months. This spike led Erica to add a new instructor to the FIT4MOM North Hills team, broadening the range of classes offered and enhancing the personal attention and support each member receives. She also opened a new class location, bringing fitness and connection even closer to the mothers who rely on FIT4MOM for support. Not surprisingly, class attendance is up threefold as mothers in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh are embracing FIT4MOM North Hills as their go-to destination for improving their physical and emotional well-being.

Committed to create a nurturing, inclusive, and empowering environment for women during their pre and postnatal journeys, Erica’s remarkable success illustrates that when passion, vision, determination, and the support of organizations like the Duquesne SBDC align, remarkable transformations can occur. In the spirit of the franchise's tagline "Strength in Motherhood," Erica Strnad and FIT4MOM North Hills continue to inspire mothers throughout Pittsburgh, proving that with dedication and community support, every mother can achieve her fitness goals while embracing the incredible journey of motherhood.

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