Marbull's Restaurant & Tavern in New Brighton

Marbull's Restaurant & Tavern

David’s Journey to Purchase Marbull’s Restaurant & Tavern

David Katekovich worked as a fleet maintenance manager, but he wanted to do something different, something he had always dreamed of:  owning a restaurant and tavern.  He set a goal to buy a local restaurant, Marbull’s Restaurant & Tavern in New Brighton.  The current owners were receptive to selling the business to him.  David believed he could take Marbull’s to the next level by expanding hours and building on its culture and customer base.

What David loved about Marbull’s was that it was a great little place to have a burger, fish, wings, and more!  The staff was always very friendly and personable.  Once he acquired the restaurant, he would keep the original culture but make some changes to improve revenue: expanding hours of operation and offering Saturday dinner specials.  And he would add more homemade soups and new wing flavors to the menu.

David’s work as a bar manager at a private club drove in part his interest in owning a restaurant and tavern.  This experience would give him added credibility when applying for a loan.

David was not sure how to acquire Marbull’s.  He worked with his SBDC consultant to write a business plan and obtain funding needed to buy the business.  His lender, Pursuit, referred him to the SBDC for help writing a business plan.  David worked closely with Don Lodge, receiving help and guidance to make sure he was on the right track.  He submitted the plan with his loan application, and he secured a loan from Pursuit to purchase the Marbull’s Restaurant & Tavern.

“The SBDC did a fantastic job start to finish,” said David.  “It was a great experience.  It’s a great program for people like me who have never been in business before.  I would never be where I am now without the assistance of the SBDC.”