Marsha Cassel's Kitchen on Main

Marsha Cassel's Kitchen on Main

A NEW Restaurant in Historic West Middletown!!!

Marsha Cassel is a life-long Pittsburgher and has been cooking for over 30 years. About six years ago, she and her husband decided to buy a farm in Washington County. They fell in love with the little town of West Middletown, about four miles away. She decided that a new restaurant was exactly what it needed!

Marsha Cassel's Kitchen on Main serves healthy, homemade, delicious food. But even more, it is a unique, charming destination. The Kitchen features farm-to-table local produce (including food grown on the Cassel farm), healing herbal teas, and local honey. Marsha prepares everything from scratch and made to order. She can make vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free - you name it! She proudly says, “I can handle anything! If you give me some time - ‘’ is my website – and I will!”

A few years ago, Marsha was working as a personal chef. She had received assistance from the SBDC before. So, she returned to see what services were available to make her new dream come true. She found a mentor in Don Lodge. They put together a business plan and began to search for funding. In addition to sound business advice, she relied on Don for emotional support as well. She overcame numerous obstacles and pressed forward. Marsha would not be denied!

In the end, Marsha self-funded her new business, putting her personal savings into the Kitchen and creating her beautiful eatery in historic West Middletown. 

Watch the video of the success story here.