A Focus on Women's Health

Modern Moon Acupuncture

A Focus on Women’s Health

Dr. Corinne Brown, owner of Modern Moon Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, has a vision: 

To live in a society where acupuncture and herbal medicine are seen as preventative care, utilized at the very first signs/stages of illness, pain or disharmony.

She established Modern Moon in November 2022, with a focus on women’s health, fertility, hormone balancing, and emotional wellness.  The opening of her new location is a testament to her skill, passion for wellness, and the support provided to her by Duquesne University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). 

Before founding Modern Moon, Dr. Brown was a respected acupuncturist at another clinic, but her dream was to create a healing space where any individual could feel safe to talk about their medical conditions, and truly feel heard by their provider.  She took the leap to start her own practice, driven by her mission to “facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.” 

Her biggest challenge was securing funds to cover her start-up costs.  Dr. Brown engaged the SBDC to help her write a business plan and obtain financing.  Working with Don Lodge, senior business consultant, she created a business plan that told the story of Modern Moon.  Don worked closely with Dr. Brown to refine her business plan and financial projections.  She then secured a loan from the Neighborhood Community Development Fund. 

“Duquesne’s SBDC played a pivotal role in being able to follow my dream and open this new business location. They were absolutely fantastic help in creating a strong business plan, and I would recommend them to anyone starting a new business.  Take the leap, and call.”

Modern Moon opened the doors to its new location in October.  Dr. Brown's passion, attention to detail, and medical expertise set her clinic apart from others in her field.  Patients will find not only healing, but also a supportive environment to embark on their wellness journeys. 

Dr. Brown's story serves as an inspiration and a reminder that with determination and the assistance of the SBDC, dreams can become reality.

Watch the video of the success story here