Tango food Truck

Tango Food Truck

An Argentinean Food Truck

Gabriela and Ricardo Riedel –wife and husband– grew up in Argentina always surrounded by food making. Gabriela received the gift of making fresh pasta, pizzas, empanadas, and homemade desserts from her mother. She has been making and selling empanadas and desserts in the Pittsburgh area for 15 years and Ricardo has been along her side supporting her as a cook. Her dream was always to own a business. She sees that the U.S. gives people the opportunity to own a business, so she thought, she can do the same. Gabriela wanted to learn the way business is done in the U.S. in terms of permits, regulations and customer preferences. She needed help with the start up


Gabriela attended the SBDC business seminar in Spanish, “Abre Tu Negocio en Pittsburgh”, to learn all the steps to open a business. She consulted with a SBDC consultant to go over a business plan and dealing with suppliers, permit and regulations. The SBDC provided her with the startup assistance needed to clarify her decision to own a food truck instead of a restaurant.