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Hire a Duke

Duquesne University SBDC offers a new initiative to support the collaboration between our students and the business community. 

Hire a Duke!

Hire part-time/full-time students, graduates or volunteers.

Hire a Duke - DUSBDC

Duquesne University SBDC’s program “Hire a Duke!” creates a relationship between the Duquesne students and businesses in our community. Our goal is to enhance the student and faculty experience, and demonstrate our competitiveness, all while boosting engagement between alumni, businesses, and the community.  
The Palumbo-Donahue School of Business is just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Pittsburgh, a city renowned as a center for technical innovation and global business. Both small businesses and students can benefit from this program. The community benefits from hard work and a commitment to success and students can jumpstart their careers through internships and jobs!  
If you are looking for a student assistant in Business, IT, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and other areas, submit your application below!

We will match eligible students with your needs.