DEI Series 4: Getting Results with Sustainable Practices (Webinar)

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Thursday, November 18th 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Webinar - $20.00/attendee
DEI Series 4: Getting Results with Sustainable Practices (Webinar)

This is the final session of a four-part program that guides small businesses on fostering the necessary behavioral and systemic understanding to drive strategic change in the workplace. 
This human-centered design training provides traits for sustainable results that include action steps to develop DEI solutions and policies with accountability metrics.
Next Generation Organizations are prepared for success and so is their workforce. They go beyond demographic diversity into a new culture of customers. NGOs have management practices and organizational strategies that embrace behaviors to ensure equitable solutions and a safe and inclusive work environment. To increase sustainable results managers and boards steer away from rigid structuring to a results-oriented work environment. They understand work-life balance, a need for accountability metrics, and setting inclusive policies and strategies. This final workshop includes a review of key points covered during the previous workshops within this blueprint to spearhead DEI initiatives. 

Diversity management practitioners and human resource leaders will complete NGO certification by designing a long-term action plan that:
  • Empower teams with sustainable practices to get results, work with diverse individuals, and increase intergenerational employee commitment
  • Develop accountability metrics that incorporate more active participation from diverse staff and constituents/clients as thought partners 
  • Encourage diverse staff input and lead action campaigns
  • Action plans that include board of directors/advisors that increase organizational and mission impact for sustainability
After this workshop, a systematic plan should and can be developed for the organization to become a Next Generation Organization.

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Speaker: Dr. Danielle Davis, President/CEO, Davis Consulting Solutions

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