Healthy Workplace Program

Healthy Workplace Program
Dealing with the Pandemic

In all of our imagination, who would have thought we would be experiencing these devastating effects of this horrid Pandemic. Eight months ago, we were enjoying a strong and vibrant economy, and within days all came to a screeching halt!


Small Businesses not only had to deal with the acute reality of economic loss but the challenges of how to effectively and efficiently deal with the health and welfare concerns of the employees. While a business can imagine the horrible consequences of an act of nature, experiencing it is another story!


While most small businesses have general ideas about health, safety, and control, this Pandemic has brought this need to know to a heightened and intense level. Today requirements from the agencies like CDC, OSHA, DOH, and the like are now requiring businesses to have a kind of expertise never before even imagined!


The ability for small businesses to bring healthy workplace programs into reality is both an expensive proposition and a challenge. While larger companies have enjoyed the merits and rewards of having industrial health programs, this has been a fantasy for small businesses that have not had the means to do so.

Our Healthy Workplace Program


Well, you can now offer a healthy workplace program for your business and staff at no direct cost to you. The SBDC introduces healthy workplace consultancy. You will be able to receive guidelines, policies programs, etc. ranging from OSHA/CDC guidelines to on-site health programs. You will also be able to receive if you wish, on-site consultancy services from our Business Consultant in Healthy Work Place initiatives.


The unfortunate situation is the Pandemic has taught us that a healthy workplace is as critical and important as ever. No longer do you have to be envious of big businesses who have long enjoyed the benefits of industrial health care.

You can now have this in your business free of cost provided by your trusted SBDC. We hope you all take advantage of this new and exciting program. For more information, please contact the SBDC at 412-396-1633 or visit our Healthy Workplace webpage.


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