Discontinuing Healthy Workplace Consultancy

The Duquesne SBDC will be discontinuing the Healthy Workplace program.

As They Say: "The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men"

As many of you know, The Duquesne SBDC launched the Healthy Workplace Initiative several months ago. As a Center of Excellence, it intended to bring to small businesses knowledge, information, and the means to create a healthy environment in the workplace. Essentially, the program would bring small businesses much of what would be offered compared to industrial health services offered to larger business communities. The service would be provided by the SBDC free of charge like some of our other services. 

Unfortunately, we have not received to date requests for the program either from an educational perspective or on a direct consultation basis with small businesses. Reasons may be several-fold. One may be that the Pandemic has played center stage, thus causing small businesses to focus more on economic activities. Another reason may be that the idea was received on a very positive basis, but the timing right now was not ideal.
Having a healthy workplace is vital to sustaining both productivity and employee morale/retention. The SBDC, while having a firm commitment to this, realizes now might not be the time. While we close the program, be sure if the interest resurfaces, the SBDC will seriously consider it again.

Rich Longo
Director, Duquesne University SBDC

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