How to Move an LLC to Another State

How to Move an LLC to Another State

How to Move an LLC to Another State

You have decided to move your LLC to another state, but you are unsure of where to begin. It is imperative to understand that to operate legally in any state, your LLCs must be registered with the state. 
An important consideration before you do anything is whether your move is permanent or you might operate your business in both the existing and new state. Let’s look at these two thoughts in more detail:
1. Permanent business move - to permanently move an LLC to a new state, close the business in the original state and register for a new LLC in a new state 
  • All board members must agree, that the agreement should be recorded in the meeting minutes
  • File certificate or termination/articles of dissolution 
  • Pay off remaining debts existing, also debts belonging to the business, and distribute any remaining assets to members/owners
2. Temporary business moves – you would intend to temporarily move or you’ll still want to conduct business in your old state
  • Submit a certificate of authority/statement of designation application and pay the fees to the secretary of state's office 
  • Expect to provide details such as name, officers, domestic state, stock info, principal location, or address used in the new state
Now, that you have made that important decision, to proceed you have two options (with steps): 
1. Dissolve the corporation in the old state and start it new in the new state
  • Dissolve business structure 
  • File your last tax return 
  • Cancel business permits and licenses
2. File a foreign qualification in the new state
  • Obtain a certificate of good standing 
  • Registered agents available in all 50 states 
  • Avoid penalties and fines
  • Employer and sales tax registration services 
After handling these important steps, you are ready to run your business with success in a new state.

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