Google Analytics: Why You Need It for Your Small Business Website

Google Analytics - Why Your Small Business Need It!

Google Analytics - Why Your Small Business Need It!

I’m sure you hear about Google Analytics a lot but maybe never had a chance to deep dive into it. Some say it’s a magical tool, some say it’s another complicated analytics tool. I’d say it’s the most useful tool for small businesses! 

What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is a free platform offered by Google that enables tracking website data. It could give you a complete understanding of your customers’ journey on your website. 

Google Analytics can help you see:

  1. How many visitors are you getting to your website?
  2. Your referral sources (are they coming from social media, coming from an email you sent, etc.)
  3. How much time are they spending on each webpage?
  4. What queries do they use before landing on your website?
  5. Do your clients use mobile devices or desktop?
  6. Which cities/states are your clients located?
  7. How much traffic are you getting from your online ads?

So, if you have a website, Google Analytics is an essential tool! You can find out a lot using Google Analytics, improve your website, increase your organic traffic and get more calls, quotes, and emails. 

Advanced Features

In addition to the basics, you can get pretty complicated with Google Analytics and set up Goals, Conversions, and Ecommerce tracking. You can label form submissions, downloads as conversions and assign monetary values and you calculate Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS). 


If you are selling online, Google Analytics could provide you insights into your sales activity. You can track item views, revenue, transactions, and custom metrics that you may want to track. 
As I mentioned above, there is something for everyone in Google Analytics. You can just use it to look at your basic website metrics or get sophisticated by using its advanced features such as conversion reports and e-commerce tracking. 

Next Steps

If you want to get started with Google Analytics take a look at our video here and set up Google Analytics tracking in just a few minutes. If you are already using it and want to learn more about it, email us at Our consultants are here to help! 

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. 


Tunca Cali
Marketing, Training and Informatics Manager

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